Notarial Services

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Notarial services are provided to American as well as Polish citizens at the ACS Unit. The cost for notarization of a document is 50 USD.

Individuals wishing to have documents notarized should schedule an appointment online and come to the ACS unit with a passport, driver’s license, identity card or other means of identification.

Please be careful not to sign the document at home or before you present it to the consular officer. You must sign your document in the presence of the consular officer. If the document requires witnesses’ signatures you need to bring the witnesses with you.


The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents came into force in Poland on August 14, 2005. As of that date, the Embassy terminated the procedure of legalization/authentication of public documents executed in Poland for legal use in the United States.

Polish public documents (e.g. court records, vital statistics documents) for use in the United States are certified by the Legalization Department of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs by means of an apostille. The document with affixed apostille does not require any further authentication by the Embassy. In order to obtain an apostille on a Polish public document please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Al. Szucha 21, Warsaw, tel. +48 22 523 9463 or +48 22 523 9128.

Information on is available on the Department of State website.